Is Retirement
Looming On The Horizon?


It's never too early to start planning for the future

Have you given it a thought?

Maybe not. it's easy to believe that retirement homes are still a distant consideration. However, it's important to reconsider your thoughts.
You can secure a Pentvilla downsized home at today's prices, potentially saving over $200,000 when you choose to retire and move in within 5 or 10 years, along with additional benefits during that period. These are offers that you wouldn't want to miss!
When you decide to move in, your downsized home can serve as a comfortable space and a place to call home for you to occupy while continuing to work full-time or part-time, or even setting up a home office. It's never too early to start planning for the future in a smaller, more manageable, low-maintenance home.
We provide a range of flexible and affordable options to help you secure a home, focusing on simplicity and convenience for when you're ready to retire - NOW or LATER.
Whether you have $2k or $500k, we can offer you options to secure a home in a resort-style community.
You may have researched to see what options are available to you. We would be delighted before finalising your location, consider reaching out to us for a visit and the opportunity to enhance your retirement or downsizing plans with an offer you would not want to miss, in a town that welcomes you with open arms.
Let’s work together to find a solution that meets your needs.


Downsizing should be a part of a solution not an added burden
 We deliver solutions to do just that! 
Featured Listings
The Condo - Villa 5
Nathalia, VIC
3 Bedrooms 2.0 Bathrooms
Building 153 m2
The Condo - Villa 12
Nathalia, VIC
2 Bedrooms 1.0 Bathrooms
Building 136 m2
The Condo - Villa 27
Nathalia, VIC
2 Bedrooms 1.0 Bathrooms
Building 121 m2
The Condo - Villa 11
Nathalia, VIC
2 Bedrooms 1.0 Bathrooms
Building 111 m2
Your Villa at The Condo is in a distinctive spacious double-storey house designed with age-friendly solutions.
  • No Steps within the Villa
  • All your living on one level
  • Wheelchair access throughout the villa from living areas and bedrooms to bathrooms
  • Exclusive entry feature and lockup garage for privacy
  • A private spacious lift to take you, your partner and a wheelchair upstairs to your Villa
  • Child & infant-friendly solutions when grandchildren visit or stay over
  • Outdoor living area with your own garden space
  • Large balcony with garden beds for upstairs
  • Well-appointed kitchen with prestige appliances
  • Smart modern finishes
The Condo is a boutique resort-style living comprising 40 homes. Select a Villa from the FEATURED LISTINGS above and check out the facilities available for your daily pleasure under the FEATURES section for each villa.
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