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A small minority of investors own more than 2 properties. Now, you can own 2, 3, or 4 properties in your portfolio, all together under one roof, on one block of land, in one neat package.
Unlike traditional Display Homeownership, where investors usually wait years before moving into their new home and it's not usually their first property, Pentvilla offers investors immediate occupancy upon completion and could be the first property in your portfolio.
  • Utilise Pentvilla as a Display Home while occupying it as your primary residence or holiday house
  • Sell or rent a villa in a Pentvilla while it serves as a Display Home.
Featured Listings
Display Home - Capri 22 with 2 Villas
Melbourne, VIC
Leasehold or Freehold
4 Bedrooms 2.0 Bathrooms
Building 277 m2 Lot 285 m2
Display Home - Luxor 42 with 2, 3 or 4 Villas
Surfers Paradise, QLD
Leasehold or Freehold
6 Bedrooms 4.0 Bathrooms
Building 484 m2 Lot 625 m2
Display Home - Melba 22 with 2 Villas
Sydney, NSW
Leasehold or Freehold
4 Bedrooms 2.0 Bathrooms
Building 287 m2 Lot 350 m2
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