Frequently Asked Questions

Pentvilla Real Estate Users
Do I have to register to browse the website?
No, you do not register when you search, browse, or select properties from 'Pentvilla Real Estate'. Registration is free.
FEES may apply if you choose to;
  • create a property listing
  • Advertise on the site
Real Estate Listings
Do I have to Register to create a property listing?
Yes, you must Register to List one or more properties in 'Pentvilla Real Estate'.  You can register as a 'Real Estate Agent' and appear in the search 'Find An Agent'.
As a Real Estate Agent, you can List Pentvillas, land, or other residential or commercial properties. 
What Category should I put my property listing in?
Choose a Category that best describes a property.  Login to your account at any time to list, edit or delete a property listing in 'Pentvilla Real Estate
Real Estate Pricing
How much does a Real Estate Listings cost?
A coffee a week could get you a property listing for a year or until sold during the year.
Please check out our 'Listing Plan' when you register as a Real Estate Agent. Registration is Free. 
How long does a listing run?
A property listing runs for one year or until sold within the year.  You can create, edit, or delete a property listing at any time. 
Please ensure you delete the listed property when it is sold. 
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